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Last Updated 12 September , 2020
Terms and Conditions
VerdictX is a gaming company registered under ‘VerdictX Gaming pvt ltd’. Inclusive of all the reliable sources through which we provide our service this includes website, application, and any offline source that are used under the name of VerdictX (excludes promotions from third party vendors) are monitored and managed by solely VerdictX.
VerdictX offers a prediction gaming experience to its users which tampering any harm or affect to the game. Currently the only game that is included in VerdictX Online gaming is Cricket. The game sole purpose is to provide fantasy experience and entertain users related to predicting. There are no stakes against any team, nationality, users, players, caste, creed, sex, or language.
User stay on VerdictX
  • Any user using the facilities and features provided at VerdictX are not allowed to tamper the name, offers, promotions, or game in any manner.
  • Users are requested to understand that the game is solely for prediction purpose. We are not entitled for any bets placed outside the site.
  • All the prediction games player on VerdictX can be real time or a result of the sports played offline. We assure that VerdictX do not deal with any third party influence in any manner.
  • All the details provided by the users which includes phone number, cell number, email address, home address, pan card details, bank details should belong to the sole user and not to any other person. If found tampering, the user account will be compromised and banned till further notice.
  • The users have to provide the proofs asked by VerdictX at any point of gaming. This is solely for assuring the best experience provided to the users without any interruption.
  • Payments made through VerdictX are monitored at every step, you can visit your transactions to check the progress. We do not tamper with any messages, offers, promotions, refunds, payments made by Banks.
  • Users are held to understand the importance of responsible gaming. VerdictX is a predictive game and have no intention in loss of any user or person who have their account with us.
Launch Offer
VerdictX officially launched on 18 th September, 2020. The launch offer activated on 21 st September, 2020 provides RS. 50 for the winners who joined free contest (Joining Fee: 0) and user wins the tournament by been 1 st in their respective contest. The following offer can be availed by the users’ only if:
  • User have placed prediction consistently in every 5 over span. This means, there must be one prediction between: 1 st over to 5 th over.
    6 th over to 10 th over.
    11 th over to 15 th over.
    16 th over to 20 th over.
    The above condition should satisfy both the innings of the match.
  • User should be actively playing on VerdictX, if found inactive, the amount will be deducted without any notice to the user.
  • The player should be a resident of India. User have to produce evidence of residence if asked (possibly during withdrawal).
  • The amount is credited to user’s deposit wallet. This offer is only for/on promotional basis and can be closed anytime without notice.
  • Users must understand that, the sole purpose of VerdictX to provide Fantasy Gaming through predictions. If any user(s) found misusing any feature on VerdictX Website or Application including promotions to generate glitches, income, or end up harming the name and property (database, server, features) in any manner will be directly banned from VerdictX.
The offer announced on 23-09-2020 is valid for the match contest(s) held on 23-09-2020 I.e. KKR V/s MI and will be provoked for all the contests join after the match starts. The offer states that any user joining VerdictX gaming paid contests (only), if answers all 10 questions correctly wins RS. 50000. Few conditions that are followed are:
  • User must verify their Pan card and Bank details in order to claim their amount.
  • If any user is found been fraud either by creating multiple accounts or any such action will be terminated from the Launch offer and can result in permanent ban.
  • Offer valid on only the first 10 paid contests joined in KKR V/s MI match on 23-09-2020.
  • In case of draw, user who joined the contest first wins the prize amount.
  • User needs to be an active member on VerdictX platform.
Refund Policy
Payments once made on VerdictX are non-refundable on all circumstances. Confirmation of the payments are asked in the whole process of purchase made on VerdictX. We request attention of the users while making any payment on the site.
The promo codes used during payments are perks provided by VerdictX and (if) Banks. Any query related to such actions can be cleared by contacting us.
Withdrawing of the payments are monitored by the VerdictX team. Any query related to withdraw can be cleared by contacting us.
Cancellation Policy
In any circumstances if the payments are cancelled, you can find the details on the transaction page for understanding the progress and status of the payment. We do not tamper with any transaction made on VerdictX. In relation to any withdraw or payments under banks, please contact us immediately mentioned the problem faced for our support.