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Privacy Policy
Under no circumstances the details entitled to the VerdictX team is used for personal usage.
VerdictX gaming is a child product of VerdictX Gaming pvt ltd. It provides a prediction gaming environment of sports to the users who registered with us. Currently VerdictX have added single sports i.e. Cricket and do not tamper with any player, nation, language, sex, creed, caste, and name, source that are received and are 100% transparent.
User Information
  • Details taken by VerdictX during registration are used solely for a transparent gaming. We request all the users to provide accurate information as asked by VerdictX team at any point during their stay for an uninterrupted experience.
  • The information taken during registration i.e. Name, email address, phone number, passwords are requested to be accurate and do not be shared with any person/entity that doesn’t belong to VerdictX management.
    • The above point as mentioned doesn’t include your password. This means, at any point from the time of registration, no member or management have rights to encrypt or ask the password of any user.
    • You password is completely save with the VerdictX team and will not be revealed at any circumstances. This includes the sole user itself.
  • All the details including OTP, newsletters, SMS are an asset to every single user and have no connection to any management interference.
    • Newsletter received by users on their mails are monitored by VerdictX team and sent with all consciousness. Our sole aim is to provide the most accurate and beneficial information to all our users.
    • OTPs received by users during registration are random and have a validity time. We request the users to not share the One Time password with anyone at any point.
    • SMS generated to users for verification, promotion or information are sent only with user’s confirmation.
  • The Pan Card details provided by the user is solely asked for verifying the user nationality and understand their main purpose on VerdictX. We do not tamper any information and guarantee a complete encryption of all the information sent to us.
  • The bank details provided by the user is solely asked for deposit and withdrawing of VerdictX wallet. We do not share any information with any third party source at any point.
Users are requested to not share any information with anyone until required. VerdictX team never asks for OTPs, payment details and any sensitive information from its users. Please be aware and contact us if you have any query regarding same.