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Points and Leaderboard System
Points & Leaderboard
How are points rewarded for VerdictX?
For every right answer, you will be rewarded with 10 points and for every wrong answer, you will be rewarded with 0 points and who gets the most will win.
How are points rewarded for Live Predict?

Extra Runs(Wd,Nb,Lb,B) are included while counting the score

Runs Points
Under 5 8
Under 10 3.50
Under 15 1.25
Over 5 1.25
Over 10 3.50
Over 15 8
When do the score gets updated?
In VerdictX
The score will be updated upon completion of the match.
In Live Predict
After completion of each over, we award points to players based on their performance in real-time.
Hence your score keep changing as the actual match progresses.
We will review the points once the match is completed
How is leaderboard assigned for VerdictX?
Whoever gets the highest points will be the winner.
How is leaderboard assigned for Live Predict?
After every over, based on your selected option the points are rewarded. Whoever reaches the top three by the end of the match will be assigned as the winners.
Which position(s) in VerdictX are concluded as Winners?
Only one player will be conclude as winner.If the points of both the players are same the result will be draw and both will be rewarded.
Which position(s) in Live Predict are concluded as Winners?
The three players who top the leaderboard by the end of the match will be the winners.
What happens if a match is decided by a Super Over?
In VerdictX
In the event where a match is decided by a super over, only the winner of the match is considered .The rest of the statistics are taken from the normal match (not from Super-Over).
In Live Predict
The game ends when two innings are completed.
A player is in the official squad but unavailable for selection on VerdictX. What should I do now?
It will be same for everyone so no need to be worried.
If you think a player is missing from the official squad list, visit the help desk and click on the chat box and mention the problem.We’ll verify and take any required action.