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My Transactions
About Transactions
Why was my entry fee refunded?
Here's why we might refund your entry fee:
If the contest is not filled with the required number of participants.
If the real match is abandoned before starting or anytime before completion. All contests for that match are canceled.
We may refund your entry fee for other reasons, we will inform to you at that time.
How to deposit money into my VerdictX account?
Here's how you can add:
  1. Head to Deposit in your account > enter the amount > tap on Deposit.
  2. Select Your preferred method of payment.
  3. Follow the On-screen instructions to complete your payment.

The amount should be added to your account and can be verified in the "My Transactions" section.
For Any reason, if it's not added, it'll be auto-refunded to the source account.
My deposit was not added to my account,when will i get my refund?
Refunds depend on the mode of payment. In case a refund for any failed deposit transaction is not credited to your source account , please reach out to your bank for more details.
Incase of debited from your account , please contact our support team.
Is it safe to enter my card details? Does VerdictX save any of that?
Yes, it's safe to add your cards to VerdictX! We don't store your credit/debit card details, including your CVV.We. Only work with trusted third-party payment gateways with 3D secure authentication to ensure the safety and security of all your financial transactions.
What if i donot have a PAN or bank account?
If you have not verified PAN or a bank account, you cannot withdraw your winning amount. You can join contests and your winning amount will be deposited in your wallet. Later when your documents are verified you can withdraw your money.
Can i verify the same PAN card or bank account on multiple accounts?
No, you can't use the same PAN card or bank details once used. Each login requires unique documents.
I think someone else is using my account, what should I do now?
Please change your password immediately! Now, go to My Profile>>My Info & Settings>>Change Password and add your new password. This will end your session of all logged-in devices.
Log back in with the new password. If you still have an issue, contact our support team and we will help you out.
How to remove my account safely ?
You can contact our support team about your account suspension. We are always ready to help you.
How is the prize money distributed when the contest has multiple winners?
A multiple winner contest can have more than one person winning at any rank. In this case, the winnings are split equally between all the winners for that rank. You can see the details about how prize money will be distributed on the contest page more precisely. For example, if two winners tie for first rank, the winnings for first rank and second rank will be split equally between both winners.
I don’t have a bank account, can I use someone else’s?
You have to use your own bank account to withdraw your winnings. It is not recommended to use someone else's bank account as it may lead to misuse of your amount.Please use your own bank account.
Winnings & Withdrawals
How can I withdraw my winnings?
Before you place a withdrawal request in your winnings, please ensure that:
You have a verified bank account.
You have a winning balance of over INR 200.
Now click on Withdraw, enter amount you wish to withdraw and that’s it.
I’ve placed a withdrawal, when will I get my money?
You will receive your money within 2-3 working days.If You have an issue, please communicate with our support team.
My withdrawal request is cancelled, what should I do now?
Pass on this information to our team and we will look into the issue.
Do I have to pay taxes when I withdraw my winnings on VerdictX?
During the offer period(commission free contests), we will not add an extra payment for each contest you join and a 3% tax will be deducted at the payment gateway charges .If there is no offer period ,for each contest you add 5%along with the entry fee .Still you need more information feel free to contact our support team.
Is there any Daily Withdrawal limit?
You can withdraw upto Rs.9990 per transaction
Do we deduct tax on winning?
There's no extra tax deduction on your winning amount.
Cash Bonus
What is cash bonus?
Cash bonus is the extra cash you can earn by inviting friends and from contests. Your bonus amount will be used for joining contests.
How can I get cash bonus?
Invite your friends on VerditX, share your invite code and when they join using your invite code,Each of you can earn up to Rs.100 per friend as a cash bonus.
How is my cash bonus utilised during contests?
5 percent of your entry fee is deducted from the cash bonus for each contest you join.For For example, when you need to pay Rs55, Rs2 (as we exculde "." values) is deducted from the cash bonus.
When will my cash bonus expire?
Thereis no expiry for your cash bonus.
Can I withdraw my Cash Bonus?
You can't withdraw your cash bonus, you can always use it to join more contests and increase your winnings.