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How to modify my User Name , Mobile Number , Email ID , Pan , Bank Details?
Right now, you can't modify your details once you've set up for authentication for security reasons, but if you have an issue and you need an immediate update of your profile, you can contact our support team and we're always ready to serve you.
PAN card or bank verification mandotary?
Yes, it's mandatory to upload your documents and get them verified for transferring your winning amount to your bank account.
How long does it take to verify my details?
It takes around 3-5 days for our team to verify your documents and you can check your profile regarding verfication.
Which bank documents should I provide for verification?
You can upload a copy of your latest statement or recent passbook and make sure your NAME, ACCOUNT NO, IFSC CODE, NAME OF THE BANK & BRANCH are clearly visible.
What if i donot have a PAN or bank account?
If you have not verified PAN or a bank account, you cannot withdraw your winning amount. You can join contests and your winning amount will be deposited in your wallet. Later when your documents are verified you can withdraw your money.
Can i verify the same PAN card or bank account on multiple accounts?
No, you can't use the same PAN card or bank details once used. Each login requires unique documents.
I think someone else is using my account, what should I do now?
Please change your password immediately! Now, go to My Profile>>My Info & Settings>>Change Password and add your new password. This will end your session of all logged-in devices.
Log back in with the new password. If you still have an issue, contact our support team and we will help you out.
How to remove my account safely ?
You can contact our support team about your account suspension. We are always ready to help you.