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What is VerdictX match deadline policy?
The official starting time of the match will be the deadline for joining the contest.
What is Live Predict Game?
In this game you can watch the live match and predict the upcoming overs based on your knowledge and skills , Based on your predictions your postion on leaderboard will be decided.
What is VerdictX Game?
In this 1V1 game you can predict the answers before a match starts and based on match statistics the points will be given if the prediction is correct answer. The player with highest points win the contest.
What happens if the match is stopped due to Rain and is continued the next day?
Nothing Changes. Your points/rank remains the same and will be updated once the match is resumed the following day. In case the status of the match gets abandoned, then your entry fee will be refunded back to your VerdictX account.
What we provide?
We provide several types of games in the website where you predict with your skill and knowledge reward yourself with it.
When is the site Published?
The site is Published in September 2020 as a leap of good faith for the Indian Premier League.